Frequently Asked Questions

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What DIVISIONS are offered?

  • Little Ladies U6: Pre-K and K
  • Little Ladies U8: 1st and 2nd
  • U10: Ages 3rd and 4th
  • U12: Ages 5th and 6th
  • U14: Ages 7th and 8th

Summer and Fall Seasons will be aged based due to USSA rules.

all ages are as of January 1st

WHEN can I register?

 Spring registration is open between early January to the middle of March. Registration spaces can be limited due to available coaching. It is recommended to register early. 

HOW do I register?

On this website.  HGSL only accepts online registrations.

  • Click HERE for registration fee information.
  • Click HERE for detailed step-by-step registration instructions.

Is there an option to register to PLAY-UP?

No, players must register for their age appropriate division.  After evaluations are complete some "advanced" players may be offered the option to play-up based on readiness and availability in the next division.  A player's readiness to play-up is at the sole discretion of the HGSL Board of Directors. 

Why do registrations CLOSE in early-March?

Registrations must close by this date to allow time for our board to hold evaluations, create teams, order uniforms, determine coaching, organize umpires and register players with ASA. Registration may close earlier than expected due to limited Coaching/roster spots. 

What PAYMENT options are accepted?

Both personal checks and credit cards are accepted.

Can I REQUEST that my daughter play with her friend(s)?

Unfortunately due to the high number of players and the complexity of creating teams the board does not take special requests.  If you have an extreme circumstance please add this request to the comment section of the registration form.

What is covered by the REGISTRATION FEE?

The fee covers may items including but not limited to:

  • Player Uniforms (Shirts, Socks)
  • Umpire fees
  • Field rental
  • ASA insurance
  • Equipment (Bats, balls, helmets, catching gear, etc)
  • Field maintenance
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Awards
  • Evaluations
  • Storage pod
  • Administration costs (Website, bank/credit card fees, copying, postage, etc)

Why are EVALUATIONS needed?

HGSL requires all 10U, 12U and 14U players to be evaluated.  Evaluations serve two purposes; allows for the balancing of skill across all teams and allows advanced players to tryout to "play-up" to the next division.  Evaluations are not “try-outs” everyone will play.

Why are PITCHERS and CATCHERS evaluated separately?

Pitching and Catching are important positions and we want to make sure they are spread-out evenly across all teams.  .  It is mandatory that all pitchers and catchers that played these positions the previous season be evaluated, otherwise they will not be eligible to play these positions in the coming season. This restriction does not apply to pitchers or catchers that want to try these positions for the first time or played less than two games at these positions the previous season.

If my daughter is trying to "play-up" to the next division WHICH EVALUATION should she attend?

The player should be attend the evaluation for the divsion she registered for. 

Do LITTLE LADIES need to attend evaluations?

No, only Little Ladies players that want to play-up to 10U are required to be evaluated.

Is INSURANCE included with my registration?

Yes, all players will be registered with the USA Softball (formerly Amateur Softball Association (ASA)), which includes Liability and Accident Insurance to help cover the cost of medical treatment if you are injured while playing softball.  All claims are filed directly with the ASA.

For more information:


Do I have to live in HAVERHILL?

No, there is no residency requirement to play Haverhill Girls Softball.  Many players from surrounding towns play in our league.



How are TEAMS made?

Teams are formed with the goal of balancing overall skill-level, pitching and catching talent across all teams. Each season players can and will be moved between teams.

What is the LENGTH of the season?

The Spring season will run approximately from the last week in April (after school vacation) to the end of June.

The Summer Season runs approximately from begining of July to end of August.

The Fall Season typically starts the Saturday after Labor Day and runs up to Halloween, not including playoffs/championships. 

WHERE are Games played?

All Little Ladies and 10U games will be played at the American Legion field in Haverhill.  The 12U and 14U divisions are travel teams that will play half of the games at the American Legion and the other half at towns within the Merrimack Valley (Andover, N Andover and Lawrence). 

HOW MANY games are played per week?

10U, 12U and 14U will play 2 games per week.  Little Ladies will meet once a week on Saturday mornings for a combined practice and game.

WHEN are games?

The exact day and time of games are TBD and not guarantee until the schedule comes out in April, however the follow information is based on last season’s schedule.

  • Little Ladies: Saturday @ 9-10:30AM (half practice/half game)
  • 10U: Monday-Wednesday @ 6:00PM
  • 12U: Monday,Thursday and Sunday (mostly) @ 6:00PM
  • 14U: Wednesday and Sunday (mostly) @ 6:00PM or 7:15PM

HOW LONG are games?

10U, 12U and 14U run 1 hour 30 minutes from first pitch.  Little Ladies practice/games are 1 hour 30 minutes.


Exact practice schedules will be dependent on the head coach and field availability, but typically 10U, 12U and 14U will have a single practice per week up to 2 hours.

Does HGSL also offer SUMMER and FALL playing options?

Yes, HGSL will typically enters a 10U, 12U and 14U team in the Middle Essex SUMMER league.  More info on the Middle Essex Summer League:

Additionally HGSL will typically enter a 10U, 12U and 14U team in the Billerica FALL league.   More info on the Billerica Fall League:



WHO can be a coach?
Anyone can apply to be a head coach or an assistant coach. The process involves filling out an application, undergoing a background check and completing an interview with the division commissioner.

How do I APPLY to become coach?

The initial coaching application must be completed on this website.  Please login to the registration area for more information.  A seperate CORI check will also be required. CORI forms can be downloaded off our website.



What equipment is needed to play?

The only required equipment is a glove and fielding mask, however it is strongly recommended you also consider buying batting helmet and cleats.   

What size GLOVE should I buy?

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is buying a glove that is too small.  Most “little league” gloves are too small for softball. A small glove will make it difficult for your child to catch and secure the ball. Look for a glove that fits comfortably and has soft leather that will break in easily.  The Mizuno Prospect 12" Youth Girls Fastpitch Utility Glove is a great choice, but there are many others.

Here are some general recommendations on glove sizes: (Gloves are measured in inches that is typically marked on the pinkie finger or thumb of the glove)

  • Little Ladies: 11” to 11.5”
  • 10U: 11.5” to 12”
  • 12U: 11.5” to 12.5”
  • 14U: 12” to 13”



Fielder’s mask offers face protection while fielding.  These masks are a great way to allow kids to build confidence while not being afraid of being hit in the face with the ball.  All players are required to wear masks starting in the 2021 season. Many players seem to like the RIP-IT Defensive Guard, but any brand will work.

Should I buy a BATTING HELMET?

Yes, it is recommended that each player have their own helmet.  The league does have extras that can be borrowed, if necessary.  Softball helmets must have a face cage and chin strap. 

Are CLEATS required?

Cleats are optional, but are helpful in giving players traction in wet conditions.  If you already own soccer cleats they can be used, however softball cleats tend to offer more traction and ankle support.  No metal cleats allowed.

What size and type of BAT should I buy?

For player safety only Aluminum Bats are allowed in the LL-(6u & 8u) as well as 10U. 

Composite bats will be allowed in both the 12U and 14U divisions for the 2021 season.  Bats must comply with USA Softball standards.  We have attached the link to the USA Softball bat regulations as a reference.

Bats are measured by length and weight; recommendations will depend on a player’s height, strength and weight. The league will provide bats of various length and weight. We recommend that newer players try out different league provided bats before purchasing one. All bats must be ASA certified with a visible stamp. 

Refer to this chart of recommendations:

Should I buy softball/baseball PANTS?

Softball/baseball pants are not required, but recommended.  Leggings or other athletic style pants can be worn. Shorts are not recommended.  Older players may enjoy sliding shorts that offer extra padding.  

What size BALLS are used?

  • Little Ladies U6: 11 inch softies
  • Litlle Ladies U8: 11 inch softies
  • 10U: 11 inch (ASA fastpitch)
  • 12U: 12 inch (ASA fastpitch)
  • 14U: 12 inch (ASA fastpitch)


  • Little Ladies U6: Tee Ball
  • Little Ladies U8: Coach Pitch
  • 10U – 35 feet
  • 12U – 40 feet
  • 14U – 43 feet



How do I add other parent/guardian to HGSL emails?

Our system is setup to use family based accounts, so if you want another parent/guardian to receive emails about your child’s team you must add them to your account.

To add another parent:

How do I find out the latest information for my child’s team?

In addition to your coach, the Team wall is a great way to keep track of your child’s team.  Each team has their own site that shows important information like schedules, communications and teammate/coach contact info.

Additionally there is a Team mobile app that can be downloaded.

Why I’m I receiving so many automated emails about games? 

By default the system emails every player's parent about games 3 days and then 12 hours before the game asking if they will be attending.  Practice emails will be sent 12 or 24 hours prior depending the on time of the practice.  This feature allows coaches to know who will be attending each game/practice.

How do I sign up to receive text alerts?

From time-to-time, Haverhill Girls Softball League may want to send Text Messages for important notices (e.g. cancellations, game schedule changes, etc.). To receive Text Messages, you must "opt-in".

To setup texting:

  • Go to
  • Click “Login” (top right)
  • Under Account Options click “Mobile Phone Settings” 
  • Click "Enable Texting"
  • Follow directions to Opt in

How does a coach enter the score of a game?

For 10U, 12U and 14U it is the responsibility of the WINNING team’s head coach to post the score to the website within 24 hours.

Scores can post one of two ways:

SportsSignUp Mobile App:

  • Go to “Schedule” menu (bottom)
  • Click on the game
  • Enter score

SportsSignUp Website:

  • Go to “Results” (left-hand menu)
  • Enter score